Quality Care


Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP)

All of the Coral Coast Pharmacies are accredited under the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s Quality Care Pharmacy Program. QCPP accreditation ensures our policies and procedures are in up to date and that we implement best practise standards.  Our team are able to ensure customers receive the same high level of service at all of our Pharmacies.

What is QCPP?

The Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP) is a quality assurance program aimed at raising the standards of service that pharmacies provide to the public. The program is based on business and professional standards developed by the Pharmacy Guild and other industry stakeholders.

The QCPP was developed by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia in 1997, in consultation with the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, and other industry stakeholders. Any pharmacy within Australia (Guild members and non-Guild members) can register with the program.

By increasing the number of accredited pharmacies in Australia, the QCPP aims to ensure that community pharmacies provide a uniformed approach when delivering professional services and customer care. QCPP accreditation also encourages strong support for restrictions relating to the ownership of pharmacies, and the sale of pharmacy medicines and pharmacist only medicines in community pharmacies.

To ensure that pharmacies meet the required standards in all areas of their business, they must undergo an external audit every two years. These audits are conducted by QCPP Licensed Assessors and are designed to protect the integrity of the program. The Assessors are trained professionals with a detailed background in the pharmaceutical industry.

All pharmacies that attain accreditation, and remain financial under the program, are eligible to receive financial incentives administered by Medicare Australia.

"To continually enhance the professional and business practices in community pharmacy to deliver optimal health outcomes"

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