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Compounding is the art and science of tailoring medications to individual needs and requirements. Compounding has traditionally been a skill in all pharmacies but became less relevant over the past 50 years as more manufactured medicines became available. Compounding is now a pharmacy specialist area dealing with much more potent products and hormones requiring extra training and education.

While manufactured medications fit most people’s needs there are always situations that do not fit ‘in the box’.  This is where we can individualise medication for a specific patient.

In our new modern laboratory at Coral Coast Pharmacies Plaza Pharmacy we can compound many different dosage forms to fill the patient’s needs.  These include transdermal creams, capsules, suppositories, mixtures, paints and trouches (lozenges). 

Please contact our team at: 

Plaza Pharmacy

Bundaberg Plaza, 19 Maryborough Street, Bundaberg  Phone: 07 4152 1110 or email:

Children are specifically suited for custom compounded prescriptions, as some commercially manufactured medication forms are often not the best solution for kids. 

We are able to provide a choice of natural or artificial, colour-free and sugar-free flavours alternatives, and with flavour choices like watermelon, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, bubblegum, tangerine, orange, cheesecake, strawberry truffle, choc cheesecake, melon berry we will be able to encourage children to accept their medication.  These flavours can be added to your child’s regular medication as well as to our compounded products. 

The region’s most experienced compounding pharmacist Brendan West works with the Coral Coast Pharmacies team to pass on his in-depth knowledge and experience. Brendan trains and mentors our compounding Pharmacist Scott Williams and other team members with information learnt throughout his years in the industry.

We are a member of the Medisca Australia. Medisca provides its members with comprehensive training in the latest compounding techniques, equipment and devices. 

The Coral Coast Pharmacies’ team are dedicated to promoting health and happiness to you and your family.

Short Profiles of our Compounding Pharmacists:

Scott Williams

I am Bundy born and bred and have been practising as a Pharmacist in our local community for over 10 years. I am passionate about expanding the professional services that Pharmacists provide and as such have undertaken training in providing medciation reveiws, vaccinations and compounding. My training as a compounding Pharmacist allows me to compound individualised medications for patients whose requirments aren't met by conventional manufactured medicines.


Brendan West

Consultant, Compounding Pharmacist.  I am a fourth generation pharmacist in practise for over 25 years and have been compounding since starting work with my father over 30 years ago. I commenced speciality compounding in Bundaberg in 2003 and have attended many seminars and lectures on bioidentical hormone therapy. I have trained Scott at Coral Coast Pharmacies. 


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