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Tim Spargo

Tim is Bundy born and bred.  He completed his schooling at Bundy high before moving to Brisbane in 1995 to attend the University of Queensland.  After a year of a Science degree, Tim found that a degree in pharmacy was an attractive prospect as he had always been interested in the Healthcare sector, and community pharmacy would give him a great opportunity to help the community in an environment where appointments didn't have to be made.  After completing his degree, Tim worked his pre-reg year back in Bundaberg before moving to managing Village Pharmacy in 2000.  Tim also worked in the U.K. for 2 years from 2001 till 2003 before settling back to Bundaberg and joining forces with Annabelle and David to open the first Coral Coast Pharmacy partnership store in Gin Gin in January 2004.  Tim is passionate about the community and still really enjoys managing the team out at Gin Gin as well as actively participating in the Coral Coast Pharmacies Group endeavours in the Bundaberg region.  Tim's future plans are to remain in Bundaberg and to focus on strengthening the brand as well as mentoring future partners into ownership and expansion of the Coral Coast Pharmacies group.



David Holmes

David graduated from Sydney University in 1982 and worked in pharmacies and hospitals in south-west Sydney before moving to Bundaberg with his family in 1993. He has worked for various pharmacies in both New South Wales and Queensland. David has a keen interest in family health care and is the only accredited Palliative Care Pharmacist in the Bundaberg area. David is married to Julie, and has two daughters who are both currently living and working in Brisbane. David’s goal is to continue building successful businesses that concentrate on professional care with a high customer focus.


Annabelle Hirst

Annabelle has lived in the Bundaberg area for approximately five years with her partner Ford and their sons Hugo, Sam, and Henry. Annabelle has 20 years experience in pharmacy in Australia, Papua New Guinea and England, working in both retail and hospital pharmacies. Annabelle specializes in Home Medication Reviews and Medication Management Reviews, as well as having a keen interest in asthma, tropical medicine and indigenous health. Annabelle’s goals are to provide best practice in a friendly community setting highlighting a customer and information focus, the development of the business in the region and creating a favourable work and home balance. 












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